As a personal trainer, I often get asked what the best foods to eat before a workout are.

Eating too much you can risk getting a stitch and feeling sluggish in the gym OR eating too little can mean that you do not have enough energy to perform at your best!

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It seems that as soon as you turn vegan people are concerned as to where you will get your protein source from!

You do not need to worry, living a healthy plant based lifestyle is easier than people think. Here are 5 great ways to include plant based protein in to your diet.
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So you have heard of pea protein and hemp protein but did you know here at Planta Force we also sell Pumpkin protein too!

Our pumpkin protein powder has only 118 calories per serving with a whopping 17g of protein! It is lactose free, non GMO, dairy, soy and gluten free!

Read below to find out the benefits of supplementing your diet with this super food. We believe pumpkin protein is so awesome we even add it to our Complete Vegan Protein blend!

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