5 Ways to Top up Protein Intake for Vegans

5 Ways To Top Up Protein Intake For Vegans

It seems that as soon as you turn vegan people are concerned as to where you will get your protein source from!

You do not need to worry, living a healthy plant based lifestyle is easier than people think. Here are 5 great ways to include plant based protein in to your diet:

1. Tofu and Tempeh

Tofu is very popular amongst the vegan community and this is because it is classed as a complete protein source, which means it contains all of the essential amino acids which we need. Tofu and tempeh come from soya beans and are very versatile, you can use them in sweet or savoury recipes and they pack a whopping 10 to 19g of protein per 100g serving (depending on the brand). Tofu is also high in calcium and iron.

2. Meat alternatives

More and more meat alternatives such as fake burgers and sausages are popping up in the supermarkets. Depending on what they are made from they are often high in protein too. These are great if you are transitioning from a meat based diet as you can make alternative meals like spaghetti bolognaise or sausage casserole without feeling like you are missing out.

3. Beans and lentils

Beans and lentils are great to include in a plant based diet, not only are they very cheap but they are high in protein, a good source of carbohydrates and include a decent amount of fibre which will promote good gut health. If you eat them combined with rice you will have yourself a complete protein. Beans such as chickpeas contain 15g of protein per serving.

4. Seitan

Many people are yet to hear about seitan. It is made from vital wheat gluten flour and depending on how it is cooked can really resemble the texture of meat. It is very high in protein and contains iron and calcium. It is extremely high in protein containing 25g per 100g serving. Seitan is great to incorporate on a weight loss plan as it is also low in fats and carbohydrates.

5. PLANTA FORCE Complete Vegan Protein Powder

Many athletes find it easy to supplement their diet with a plant based protein powder. They are cost effective and very convenient, especially after a workout. Planta Force vegan protein powder is a complete protein containing 24g of plant based protein per serving. It is available in four different flavours and is free from artificial flavourings, lactose, gluten and soya.

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