A Beginners Guide to Start A Plant Based Diet

A Beginners Guide to Start A Plant Based Diet

1. Make gradual changes

There are 2 kinds of people when it comes to turning to a more plant based lifestyle. Some people are all or nothing and like to dive in headfirst, eliminating all meat and dairy from their diet whereas other people like to transition slowly. Do whatever is best for you, if you are used to eating meat every day, why not start by adding a few plant based meals each day and swapping things like milk which have easy to find vegan alternatives.

2. Swap like for like

With veganism on the rise in the UK, it is becoming even easier to find plant based alternatives to your favorite foods! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Milk

    You only need to walk into a supermarket to find a whole aisle of different varieties of plant based milk, from almond, cashew, hazelnut, coconut, oat, hemp and rice milk there really is one to suit everyone.

  • Butter

  • Chocolate

    Many dark chocolates are suitable for vegans, have proven health benefits and are lower in sugar than normal chocolate too!

  • Cheese

    Supermarkets sell a vegan version of cheese however many vegans like to use nutritional yeast as a substitute. It has a nutty cheesy flavour and has added B vitamins which vegans sometimes find harder to get in their diet!

  • Ice cream

    We all love ice cream for our cheat meals! Look out for plant based swaps from your favourite company such as Halo Top or Ben and Jerry’s!

    3. Protein alternatives

    • Protein powder


    • Meat

      We do not need meat in our diets for protein, vegans can get enough protein from other sources such as beans, lentils, quinoa, seeds, tofu, tempeh, and meat alternatives. Here are the best swaps if you are missing meat:

    • Chicken

    • Sausages

    • Burgers

    • Mince

    • Steak

    • Jackfruit

      Jackfruit works amazingly as a pulled pork replacement!

    • Make your own seitan!

      Vital wheat gluten is amazingly high in protein and low in carbs and fats and is versatile to be made into sweet or savoury meals!

    • Fish

    • Eggs

      Tofu makes a great substitute for “scrambled egg” and you can add certain spices to get an “eggy” taste too!

    Egg Substitutions - Plantaforce

      In recipes that call for eggs, one can swap them for chia seeds, flaxseed, banana or apple puree!

      4. Accidental vegan food

      With foods such as Oreos, Bournville chocolate and Skittles being vegan, people are pleasantly shocked at all the foods that they can keep within their diet!

      5. Eating Out

      Eating out in restaurants has become super easy over the past few years with mainstream restaurants having their own vegan menus! Some of the best vegan meals include:

      • Zizzi’s: Vegan lenti ragu with vegan dessert calzone
      • Ask Italian: Vegan lenti grain salad with vegan blood orange and chocolate tart
      • Wagamamas: Vegan katzu curry with lemongrass and lime sorbet
      • Las Iguanas: Veggie chilli with chocolate coconut tart
      • Yo Sushi: Vegetable Yakisoba

      Eating out in restaurants - Plantaforce

      Being vegan does often mean being a bit more prepared as there will not always be grab and go options, however a lot of the supermarkets including Marks and Spencers, Boots, Sainsburys and Tesco now have at least a few vegan sandwiches and salads to choose from!

      6. Support from others

      The vegan community online is very friendly and you will find a lot of people are willing to help if you get stuck! Staff in restaurants should be trained to be able to help with different dietary needs so never feel afraid to ask for help and reach out if you need some guidance!





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