Benefits of Hemp Protein

Our PLANTA FORCE Hemp protein contains only 90 calories per serving with 18g of protein and a whopping 60% of your recommended daily dose of magnesium.

Our hemp protein contains no soy, lactose, dairy or gluten and is Non GMO!

Hemp protein is great for making protein smoothies or great for creating yummy protein baked goods like cookies and muffins but what are the other benefits of including hemp in your diet?

Hemp seeds are naturally high in protein and contain all 9 essential amino acids (the building blocks for protein). Compared to beef and lamb, hemp seeds provide equal amounts of protein and are considered to be far more easily absorbed into our system.
Our bodies cannot create all 9 essential amino acids so it is important to consume them through our diet. When following a vegan diet we often need to combine food sources to make sure we are getting a complete protein source however luckily for us hemp seeds contain everything we need!
Hemp seeds are particularly high in an amino acid called arginine which is linked to boosting muscle mass and great for heart health. It is a great addition to your diet as it will help your muscles repair quicker, boost your immune system and help your kidneys eliminate waste!
Our PLANTA FORCE hemp protein contains 18g of protein per serving and is great for post workout or creating a healthy breakfast to keep you full until lunchtime!
The high protein content makes it an amazing product if you are looking to build muscle or to tone up your body.

Hemp seeds are full of vitamins and minerals which we need to stay healthy, especially if we are physically active!
Hemp is known to help with problem skin and this is because of its rich levels of vitamins including vitamin E, B6, zinc and iron!
Just 1 serving of our PLANTA FORCE hemp protein will provide you with 40% of your daily dose of iron and 25% of your daily dose of zinc! These minerals can help combat tiredness and keep your body feeling healthy! A great option if you suffer with anaemia!
PLANTA FORCE hemp protein contains 60% of your recommended daily dose of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral known to help you sleep better and help your muscles recover quicker.

Hemp seeds contain Omega 3 essential fatty acids which are great for reducing inflammation and for your heart health. Omegas 3’s are well known to help combat cancer and to detox your body. Whilst fish oils are popular amongst the health and fitness industry, people are becoming worried about the high levels of toxins and metals like mercury and are turning to hemp instead.
Hemp contains the most balanced and richest kind of essential fatty acid and is also better for the environment as we do not need to use fish farming to obtain the omega 3s! It is often hard to find a seed which contains a good ratio of omega3/6 fatty acids but hemp protein comes up top as the best balanced!
Not only are omega 3’s powerful for protecting your heart but they can also reduce inflammation and help with joint pain, great for anyone who suffers from arthritis.

Thanks to hemp protein being rich in Omega 3’s we know that hemp can help protect our heart! We have already mentioned that hemp contains a high level of arginine and this amino acid is great for boosting levels of nitric oxide which creates a better blood flow around the body! This means hemp can help with lowering your blood pressure and reducing the chances of suffering from heart disease.
This is why a lot of pre workout products contain nitric oxide as it sends the blood to your muscles and give you the pump effect!

Hemp is a great option for anyone who suffers with digestive issues, hemp seeds are suitable for a low FODMAP diet and studies show the digestion of hemp seeds in most people is very good!
Hemp naturally contains a high level of fibre and this is great for boosting your gut health and keeping your bowels regular, as well as supporting your heart!

Hemp is low in calories, fats and carbohydrates and full of protein. This makes it a great option if you are looking to lose weight as investigations show that eating a high protein diet keeps you fuller for longer!
Hemp seeds contain B vitamins which reports show can help to boost your metabolism.

Don’t let period pains and a bad mood stop you from achieving your fitness goals! Thanks to the high content of iron and omega 3 fatty acids; studies have shown that hemp protein can reduce your PMS symptoms as hemp contains GLA which reduces the effects of the hormone prolactin (the hormone responsible for the symptoms).
Reports show that around 80% of females suffer around the time of the month with breast tenderness, mood swings and abdominal cramps and hemp could be a great addition to your diet to help combat this!

With the rise in popularity of CBD oil, more and more studies are showing that cannabis and hemp products can have a positive effect on brain health. Hemp seeds contain a much lower level of THC (the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant), so you will not get a mind altering effect like you would with cannabis, however you will reap the antioxidant benefits.
Studies have shown hemp protein can help people who suffer with Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

People call hemp protein a super food because of its anti oxidant properties. Hemp is great for boosting your immune system and keeping illness at bay!
Thanks to hemp protein containing B Vitamins, it means hemp can help you reduces stress and anxiety, studies show these vitamins help you to relax and de-stress and to regulate your hormones too.

Hemp is great for mixing into smoothies or for baking with as it has a very mild but subtle nutty taste.

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