How to Optimise Vegan Protein Intake

How To Optimise Vegan Protein Intake

Protein shakes have risen in popularity in the fitness industry, they are a quick, cheap and convenient way to help increase your daily protein intake, helping with weight loss, muscle building, improved skin, muscle repair and keeping your metabolism and hormones healthy.

How many protein shakes should I drink a day?

In general we would recommend maximum 2-3 protein shakes per day in your diet with the rest of your protein intake coming from food sources such as tofu, tempeh, beans and lentils. It is a good idea to work out approximately how much protein your body needs on a daily basis and split this into your meals throughout the day.

The average person needs 0.8g of protein per their bodyweight in kg, however people partaking in physical activity require slightly more protein so 1.3-1.8g per kg depending on their overall fitness goal.

Best time of day to drink a protein shake?


We all know how important it is to start the day right with a nutritious breakfast! The benefits of including a protein shake in your first meal of the day are:

  • Quick to prepare 

    In a rush to get to work or need something quick for after your morning workout; a protein shake literally takes seconds to prepare!

  • Keeps you full until your next meal

    Protein is proven to keep you fuller for longer, it helps to suppress a hormone called ghrelin which controls your hunger levels.

  • Weight loss

    As protein helps to keep you full, you are less likely to break your diet and snack on treats before your next meal. Studies have proven that by starting your day with a high protein meal, you are less likely to experience cravings throughout the day and your hormones will remain regulated. It also takes slightly more energy to burn protein so will kick-start your metabolism helping you to reach your weight loss goals.

  • Break your fast

    Your body has been sleeping for 6-8 hours and your muscles will be craving a nice protein hit! If your goal is to build muscle it is important to include a high protein meal for breakfast.

  • Cheap

    In a recent survey, investigators found that 21% of Brits spend £4.00 - £4.99 on breakfast daily, if they buy it out of their home on the way to work. A scoop of our Complete vegan protein powder works out at less than £1.50 a serving!


  • Protein Oats – try mixing a scoop of our Complete Vegan protein powder into your oats
  • Protein Smoothie – nothing beats a refreshing breakfast like a scoop of our protein with a handful of berries, almond milk and ice

Pre Workout

  • Muscle Building

    If your goal is to build muscle or to have a more toned physique, try having a protein shake 30-60 minutes before your workout. It means your muscles will be receiving amino acids throughout your workout, helping them to repair and leaving you less fatigued.

  • Energy

    It is important that you have enough energy to perform your best in the gym to get the results you want to see. Having a large meal before the gym can leave you bloated and feeling sluggish so protein shakes are a great option to give you an energy boost whilst still leaving you feeling light and energetic.


  • Protein Frappe – Blend one scoop of our Complete vegan protein with a teaspoon of instant coffee and lots of ice

Post Workout

This is the most popular and most important time to get a protein hit into your body! We recommend consuming a protein shake straight after your work out.

  • Muscle Building

    During a workout your muscles start to break down, having a shake post workout will help protein synthesis making your muscles repair and grow bigger and stronger. The amino acids found in protein shakes are digested and absorbed into the body quicker when you have a protein shake compared to eating a regular meal. Even better news is that studies show plant based protein shakes have an increased rate of absorbability compared to whey!

  • Repair muscles

    A sport nutrition study in 2007 showed that consuming a protein shake shortly after a workout, rapidly decreased muscle soreness in athletes the next day, leaving them able to perform better workouts. Interestingly the study also revealed that these athletes had a better immune system too!

  • Stop you reaching for junk food

    It is not uncommon after a heavy work out to be extra hungry and wanting to reach for the quickest and easiest thing to eat. This is why a protein shake is a great option for post workout; you can keep them in your gym bag and mix with water to drink on your way home from the gym!


  • Protein pancakes : Mix one scoop of our Complete vegan protein powder with a mashed banana and some flax seed and fry in coconut oil
  • Protein rice cakes : Mix one scoop of our Complete vegan protein powder with a little hot water to create a paste and use as a topping for rice cakes

Before bed

  • Curb midnight munchies

    Fitness fanatics often find they are most hungry during the evening. Protein powder is great to keep you full and stop you reaching for naughty treats. Studies have even shown that drinking a shake before bed boosts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories the following day.

  • Feed your muscles before you sleep

    Drinking protein powder before you sleep is proven to increase your natural level of growth hormone, helping to repair and build your muscles. Sports nutrition studies have proven that drinking a protein shake before bed can have positive effects on your strength in the gym helping you to lift heavier weight.

  • Improved sleep

    As protein helps to regulate your hormones and to keep your body in a healthy state of homeostasis, drinking a shake before bed can help give you a better night’s sleep, leaving you with more energy the following day!


  • Protein yoghurt: Mix one scoop of our Complete Vegan Protein into 200g of soya yoghurt and top with a handful of almonds
  • Protein hot chocolate: Mix one scoop of our chocolate flavour Complete Vegan protein into a mug of hot water and top with cinnamon

On the go and between meals

  • Cheap and convenient

    There is nothing worse than being stuck on the go with no food, it is not always easy to find a healthy option so keeping a protein shake in your bag will keep you on point with your diet and keep you full until your next meal! Not only this, it is a cheaper option than buying takeaway food from the high street!

  • Travel

    If you travel a lot for work or want to stay on track whilst away on holiday, protein shakes are a great option to pack in your suitcase. Planta Force Complete vegan protein shakes come in 620g tubs perfect for slotting in your suitcase!

  • Snack

    If you are feeling hungry between meals and are tempted to reach for something sugary and naughty, try curbing your hunger with a protein shake instead. Our Planta Force Complete vegan protein shakes are sweetened with stevia so will help with your sugar cravings, keep you feeling full and are only 133 calories per serving so you can be happy that you are sticking to your diet!

Meal replacement

We would not normally advise that you replace your normal meals with a protein shake but in times when you are in a rush they can be a great convenient option.


  • Blend one scoop of coconut Complete Vegan protein powder with 40g of oats, 30g avocado, 200ml of soya yoghurt, 100g frozen banana and 200ml of coconut yoghurt.

Get creative

If you enjoy baking and getting creative then plant based proteins are great for making alternatives to your favourite sweet treats such as protein cookies, muffins and brownies!

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In Summary

We would recommend the best time to drink a protein shake would be post workout; however there are significant benefits of including protein powder in your breakfast meals and bed time snacks! Our protein powder provides a convenient and cheap way to boost your protein intake and is fantastic for building muscle and for weight loss goals!

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