Pea Protein: A Good Source of Vegan Protein

Our Planta Force pea protein powder is a great source of protein to add into your diet.

pea protein powder

  • HIGH IN PROTEIN : 24g of protein per serving
  • LOW IN CALORIES : 120 calories per serving
  • VALUE FOR MONEY : 78p per serving
  • FREE FROM : soy, lactose, dairy and gluten

Pea protein is manufactured by extracting the protein from yellow peas. Keep reading to find out how pea protein could benefit you and keep you healthy!

Pea Protein vs Whey Protein

  • HIGHER IN PROTEIN – Pea protein tends to contain 5 gms more protein per serving in comparison to whey protein.
  • HIGHER IN ARGININE – Pea protein contains 3 x more arginine than whey protein. Arginine helps to keep your heart healthy and promotes muscle growth.
  • DIGESTIBILITY- Pea protein is hypoallergenic so it is suitable for allergy sufferers and studies have proven that plant protein is easier to absorb and digest compared to whey protein.

Pea Protein: A Good Source of Vegan Protein

Benefits of Pea Protein


Pea protein is rich in arginine, the amino acid responsible for stimulating the human growth hormone, so if your goal is to build muscle, pea protein is very beneficial. Pea protein also contains the BCAA’s, leucine, isoleucine and valine which help promote protein synthesis, repairing your muscles and helping them to grow.
Studies show that pea protein is equally as effective as whey protein when trying to build muscle.


Including protein into your diet helps you feel fuller for longer which is great news if you are on a diet. Pea protein controls the level of your hormone called ghrelin which is responsible for controlling your hunger levels. Including pea protein into your diet can aid in keeping your appetite under control.

Pea protein is known to help stabilise your blood sugar levels, which keeps you healthy but also curbs any cravings for sugary treats and stops you suffering from a mid afternoon energy slump.


Pea protein is naturally high in iron; iron is responsible for transporting oxygen through the blood. It is important for people living a plant based lifestyle to ensure they get enough iron into their diets. Iron is great for digestive health, increasing you focus and boosting your immune system.

Women tend to require a higher daily dose of iron due to losing iron levels during their menstrual cycle. Pea protein is a cheap and convenient way to include more iron into your diet!


Pea protein contains high levels of arginine, an amino acid which helps with blood flow, lowering blood pressure and keeping a healthy cholesterol level. Investigations show that consuming pea protein can lower your risk of coronary heart disease!

Pea protein is saturated fat free and contains no cholesterol.


Pea protein contains an amino acid called lysine which is great for your bone health. Lysine helps repair connective tissue and keeps bones and muscles nice and strong. Not only this but lysine helps our bodies to absorb calcium more efficiently, therefore boosting our bone strength even more.


Pea protein has featured in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries thanks to its healing benefits of the kidneys. Pea protein can promote more frequent urination, therefore eliminating more toxins and waste from your body leaving you to feel healthier.


Scientific research concludes that pea protein is one of the most easily digestible proteins in the world. It is naturally allergen free and suitable for anyone following a low FODMAP diet.


People tend to prefer pea protein as it has a very smooth texture compared to some other plant based protein powders. It is very convenient as it mixes well with just water alone.

It is worth mentioning that pea protein tastes nothing like peas! It has a very mild and neutral taste so is great to add to your smoothies or baked goods.


It goes without saying that in order to grow peas; we need to use a lot less land and water in comparison to feeding and looking after cows to produce whey protein. This means if you are looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, pea protein would be a great choice for you.

Benefits of Pea Protein


In summary, pea protein will provide you with more protein than whey protein and it is much more easily absorbed and digested into your body. It is a great option if you suffer with any allergies or experience bloating from other protein powders. Pea protein has a mild taste and smooth texture and is great to include in your baking. Pea protein gives your iron stores a boost and helps promote a healthy heart and brain!

We love the powers of pea protein so much that it also features in our Complete vegan protein powder range!

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