Reasons to Switch to Plant Based Protein Powder

Reasons to switch to Plant Based Protein Powder

Protein powders have been popular in the fitness industry for decades, with whey protein being the top selling sports supplement in the world. With the rise of veganism, there are now many top selling plant protein powders on the market too. With so many brands around it can be confusing trying to decide which protein will best suit you and your needs.

Whey protein is well known for its convenience especially after a workout and for helping to build and repair muscle but can a plant based protein really compare and live up to the benefits of whey?

People used to believe that using a vegan protein powder would not be as effective in helping them reach their fitness goals but a 2015 study shows that pea protein is EQUALLY as effective at helping you to build muscle and to recover!
Let’s take a look at other factors and decide which protein is really healthier for you and which one will help you to reach your goals!

People often wrongly assume that there will be less protein in a plant based protein shake. Comparing PLANTAFORCE Complete protein shake to My Protein Impact Whey powder, you can see that per serving PLANTAFORCE offers 24g of protein in comparison to 21g for the whey powder.
Not only does it contain more protein per serving, studies have shown that plant based proteins are more easily absorbed within the body and in turn help to repair your muscles faster!


WINNER: PLANT BASED PROTEIN! On this occasion PLANTAFORCE contains more grams of protein per serving, whilst the protein contents are relatively similar, studies have shown that our bodies find plant based protein quicker and easier to absorb.

Naturally, whey protein does not have a very pleasant taste so manufacturers often add in a lot of artificial sweeteners, flavourings and colourings to improve it. This means it is heavily processed and often contains a lot of metals and toxins which are harmful for your body.

PLANTAFORCE Complete protein powders use only natural flavours such as coconut, cocoa powder, hazelnut flavouring and natural vanilla extract, we sweeten our protein powders with stevia which is a natural plant based sweetener and we contain no nasty artificial sweeteners.


WINNER: Plant protein powders now taste equally as good as whey protein and if you choose a brand like our PLANTAFORCE you can guarantee they will not be filled with artificial sweeteners and flavourings which can leave a nasty after taste!


In the UK it is estimated that 1 in 5 people are lactose intolerant and up to 75% have issues with digesting milk products. It is common for people to feel bloated after consuming whey protein shakes and this is not ideal if you are drinking your shake for breakfast or before a workout.

Whey is heated to over 280 degrees Fahrenheit in order to kill bacteria, this heating process not only kills harmful bacteria but it also destroys a lot of the vitamins and digestive enzymes along with it too. Not only this, heating up of the whey also reduces the protein content of the product!

Vegan protein shakes contain plant based protein sources such as pea, rice, hemp and quinoa which are all allergen free.

PLANTAFORCE Complete Protein powders have the added benefit of including papain powder which is a super food known to help with digestion and inflammation.

WINNER: PLANT BASED proteins are the best option if you suffer with any digestive problems and by using PLANTAFORCE you have the added benefit of the product including digestive enzymes!

Plant based protein powders often contain more vitamins and fibre than whey protein shakes. Whey naturally includes all of the essential aminos that the body requires; on the other hand plant based proteins need to carefully select ingredients that complement each other to make a complete protein. When put together correctly plant based ingredients will include all of the essential amino acids too.

Continuing investigations have shockingly reported that many of the top brands of whey protein shakes contain dangerous levels of metals and toxins including mercury and arsenic which can have disastrous consequences for your brain health.

You might be wondering how metal could end up in whey protein powder, this is because of the feed the cows have been given to bulk them up, not only are they given poor quality food they are also pumped full of antibiotics and hormones which you end up drinking in your shake!
If you are not aware of the health concerns regarding dairy, please read our blog on why dairy is scary!

With PLANTAFORCE Complete protein you have the added benefits of super food ingredients including broccoli extract which is known for its anti-cancer benefits, kale which is full of vitamins, papain which will help you to digest and absorb the protein and alfafa sprout which is great for controlling your blood sugar level to help keep cravings at bay!


WINNER: Plant protein powders contain more highly absorbed vitamins compared to whey protein powders which run the risk of containing toxic metals and antibiotics passed on from dairy cattle.

Whey is not very easy to mix so manufacturers often add in emulsifiers to make the product seem smoother, these emulsifiers can often react badly in your body causing bloating and inflammation, they disrupt the good bacteria in your gut and can leave you with digestive problems.
In the past, plant based proteins have been criticised for having a sand like texture. As time has moved on, vegan proteins have listened to their consumers and have managed to make their proteins as smooth as whey!
PLANTAFORCE Complete protein has a silky texture and mixes well on its own with water or with your favourite dairy free milk alternative!
It really does come down to personal choice but many people have commented on how plant based protein powders can create a thicker shake and are great for creating protein baked goods or replicating your favourite milkshake, whereas whey products can curdle when they are heated or they are too thin to make a “thick shake”


WINNER: Plant protein powders are just as easy to mix as whey protein powders and do not require nasty emulsifiers to make them smooth! They are great for creating protein bakes too!

Comparing PLANTAFORCE Complete Protein to a top selling whey protein powder the calories work out as:


WINNER: WHEY protein wins by a very marginal amount on calorie content

If you are trying to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, vegan protein will suit you better. Plant based protein has a lower carbon footprint and it requires less land and water to produce. It takes a whopping 720 pounds of milk just to make 5 pounds of whey protein powder!
By choosing a plant based protein you are also eliminating animal cruelty as whey is a by product from the milk industry.
WINNER: Plant based protein is better for the environment as whey requires livestock to produce dairy and it is well known that livestock has the biggest negative impact on the environment!

Comparing PLANTAFORCE with one of the top leading whey protein powders on the market, the prices are very similar. But at the end of the day, can you really put a price on your health?
With code FOXY10 you can save 10% on your order of PLANTAFORCE Complete protein and this works out at approximately £1.50 per serving!

WINNER: PLANT PROTEIN powder works out cheaper, saving you pennies and giving you value for money as your body will be able to absorb more of the protein content!

In conclusion, all evidence seems to point in favour of plant protein powders being the best option. Nowadays the flavours and mix-ability of vegan shakes is just as good as whey protein powders (why not check out the coconut PLANTAFORCE Complete protein flavour!).
If you tend to bloat after your whey shake or experience digestive issues then it is recommended that you switch to an allergen free vegan shake such as PLANTAFORCE.

Studies show your body absorbs more of the protein content and vitamins from a plant based shake and they are less likely to contain any artificial sweeteners or toxic metals!

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