The Pro’s of Pumpkin Protein

The pro’s of pumpkin protein

So you have heard of pea protein and hemp protein but did you know here at Planta Force we also sell Pumpkin protein too!

Our pumpkin protein powder has only 118 calories per serving with a whopping 17g of protein! It is lactose free, non GMO, dairy, soy and gluten free!

Read below to find out the benefits of supplementing your diet with this super food. We believe pumpkin protein is so awesome we even add it to our Complete Vegan Protein blend!

Benefits of Pumpkin Protein

High in iron
Just one scoop of Planta Force pumpkin protein provides you with 40% of your recommended daily needs of iron! Iron is one of the most important minerals for keeping our bodies healthy. It helps our body steer clear of fatigue, helps with physical and mental performance and transports oxygen around our body.

Great for sleep
If you have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, Planta Force recommends using a scoop of pumpkin protein for your night time shake. Pumpkin protein is high in an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps your brain produce more serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for controlling your mood, your appetite and giving you a better night’s sleep.

Aids your fitness goals
If your goal is to lose weight, pumpkin protein can help to keep you feeling full and suppress your appetite so you are less likely to feel hungry and graze between meals.
If your fitness goal is to build muscle, there is 17g of protein per scoop of Planta Force pumpkin protein, we would recommend to use this post workout paired with a carb source, for example a banana or bowl of oats. Pumpkin protein is full of amino acids which help to transport the protein to your muscles in order to repair and build them.

Pumpkin protein is high in a natural chlorophyll which can alkalise and cleanse the body and in turn reduce inflammation. One study revealed that using pumpkin protein was as effective in helping with arthritis and swelling around the joints as prescription medication. Pumpkin is the only seed which has an alkalising effect on the body so is a great protein to supplement with.

Rich in zinc
Pumpkin protein powder contains lots of the mineral zinc which is great for keeping your hormones healthy, boosting your immune system, metabolizing carbohydrates and giving you healthy hair, skin and nails.
Men can benefit from foods rich in zinc as they can help protect against prostate problems. If you suffer with hair loss problems, foods high in zinc have also been proven to help.

Omega 3’s
We love our pumpkin protein powder as it contains Omega 3’s, which are great for reducing inflammation, keeping your heart healthy, improving your digestion and leaving you in a happier mood.

Pumpkin seeds are now recognised as a super food thanks to them being one of the richest sources of magnesium in the world. This is great as we need magnesium for energy, good bowel function and to keep our bones and heart healthy.

Non – allergic and easy to digest
Our Planta Force pumpkin protein is free from dairy, soy, lactose, gluten and non GMO. This means it is suitable for everyone and is easy to digest. It is also low FODMAP. Pumpkin protein powder is high in fibre which is linked to healthy bowels and better digestion.

Great taste and texture
Pumpkin protein powder gets the best reviews of all the plant based proteins in terms of taste. It has a nutty taste and a very fine silky smooth texture; it is great for baking or adding to protein smoothies.

Cruelty free
It goes without saying that switching to a plant based protein eliminates animal cruelty and is more environmentally friendly.
Why not try our Planta Force Pumpkin protein powder today.

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