Why use our Brown Rice Protein?

Planta Force Brown rice protein


What is Brown Rice Protein?
You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that brown rice is a fantastic carbohydrate source, especially for people living a healthy lifestyle. However you may be shocked to find out, that we can extract a high level of protein from brown rice, which makes it a great plant based protein source to include in your diet!

Why Choose Brown Rice Protein?

Scientific research has shown that brown rice protein contains a peptide which helps to reduce weight gain! Starting your day with a high protein meal is proven to help keep you feeling fuller for longer so is a great idea if your goal is to lose weight.
Researchers have also found out that brown rice protein stabilises your blood sugar level, therefore you are less likely to feel fatigued and have more energy for your workouts! A raised blood sugar level is linked to gaining weight around your stomach area as well as other negative side effects.

The University of Tampa has run trials comparing brown rice protein to whey protein to see if it shapes up to the most popular protein choice. The studies revealed that brown rice protein is equally as effective as whey protein powder when it comes to building muscle.

Interestingly the researchers found out that the bodybuilders who they tested experienced less muscle soreness when using brown rice protein compared to whey, they were able to increase their muscle mass whilst losing body fat and reported that they felt a lot healthier using this plant based protein!

Brown rice protein is rich in B vitamins which help give you energy and supports your muscles in using protein to grow stronger muscle tissue.

Brown rice protein digests slower than whey protein so is a great option to have before bed! It will keep you feeling fuller for longer and provide your muscles with the protein they need whilst you sleep!

An amazing benefit of brown rice protein is that it helps to protect your liver from free radicals, significantly reducing your chances of liver disease. When we consume whey protein, it is full of toxins and hormones which our liver and kidneys need to work hard to fight against. Brown rice protein is full of antioxidants which help our body to fight disease, boost our immune system and keep us feeling healthy!

Brown rice protein is known to help lower our bad cholesterol levels and this means we are less likely to suffer with blocked arteries and our hearts will not need to work so hard. A recent study shows that people who use plant protein in their diet compared to people who consume animal protein are 30% less likely to suffer with coronary heart disease! With coronary heart disease known to be one of the top killers in the world, it is worth looking into switching the animal proteins in your diet to healthier plant based options.

Brown rice protein has a mild taste and is slightly sweeter than other plant based proteins such as hemp and pea. It mixes really well with water alone and is not sandy or chalky like other proteins can be!

Brown rice protein is a great option for creating yummy vegan baked goods; unlike whey protein heating brown rice protein does not cause the protein to be destroyed! It has a smooth texture so is perfect for making muffins and cookies!

Our Planta Force brown rice protein is free from soy, lactose, dairy and gluten and does not contain any sweeteners, fillers or colours. This makes it a great option if you experience bloating after consuming a workout or suffer with allergies or digestive issues. Brown rice protein is suitable for people following a low FODMAP diet too!

As the population wakes up to the need to protect our environment, it is a great idea to look at the products which you consume. Whey protein powder is a by-product of the milk and cheese industry; therefore it uses a lot of carbon emissions, land, water and power to look after the livestock. It takes ten times more grains of rice to provide food for dairy cows as it does if we are just to consume the rice ourselves.

Blend together
• 1 scoop of Planta Force brown rice protein powder
• 1 tablespoon of organic cacao powder
• 150g frozen cherries
• 250ml coconut milk
• Handful of spinach
• 1 teaspoon of chia seeds

Brown rice protein is a great plant based protein source, especially for people who suffer with allergies or digestive issues. In comparison to whey protein, it has heaps of health benefits from protecting your heart and liver from disease. Brown rice protein beats whey protein in scientific research when it comes to muscle building and weight loss so is perfect to help support you reach your goals! It is a great protein to use in baking as heat does not destroy the protein content!
Why not try our Planta Force Brown rice protein now!

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