Why we think we’re UK’s No. 1 Plant based nutrition company

Planta force is not just another brand selling vegan protein powders sourced from a generic factory. We have hand selected ingredients from different locations in order to offer the best quality product.

We are advocates of plant based living and do not make profits from selling animal based products alongside our range. 

We believe in Good Nutrition

Our team spent 6 months making sure all the ingredients were combined in a perfect way to both optimise the aminos profile
and make the taste naturally amazing. We extensively taste tested all our products to make sure you will enjoy them as much we do.

Our Team

Our team has extensive knowledge in the athletic and sports field, our proteins are designed aid fast recovery and support an athletic lifestyle however our products are not just for athletes. Anyone can benefit from our products, whether it’s to supplement an existing diet, help aid weight loss when combined with a healthy lifestyle or just provide handy on the go vegan snacks.

100% made for vegans

Our Products

Non Dairy Plant Based Protein Powder - Planta Force
Non Gmo Protein Powder - Planta Force
Gluten-free Vegan Diet Supplements - Planta Force
Soya Free Protein Powder - Planta Force
Vegan Friendly Protein Powder - Planta Force